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The way you think has the power to shape your life, and when anxious thoughts seemingly take over, it can be hard to see a way out.   


Do your racing thoughts keep you distracted during the day and awake at night? Does it feel like your mind controls you instead of YOU being in charge of your mind?

It’s time to break the cycle of anxiety.

Through collaborative counseling with me, you will use the process of exploration to uncover the underlying causes of your anxiety. Whether specific situations trigger it or it seems to pop up out of nowhere, we'll work side by side to gain insights and understanding.

But we won't stop at understanding alone. You’ll leave with practical tools and techniques to manage and alleviate your anxiety. From lifestyle habits to mindfulness practices, we will find effective coping strategies for you that can bring relief when a wave of anxiety is near. 

Are you ready to retrain your brain and manage your anxiety? 

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